Introducing Baby Rowan!


Maternity: Chloe and Caymran

I cannot believe how very pregnant I am! Although it hasn’t been the easiest eight months, this stage of motherhood has been such an amazing blessing. Little one has such a personality already. She reacts to mommy and daddy’s voices, loves being awake all night and enjoys kicking into mommy’s left ribcage. We cannot wait to meet you little one!

Introducing Baby Brother Gibson!

Introducing my brand new baby brother, Gibson Malakia Childs! He was born on Friday, October 13th, weighing 8 lb and 9 oz, measuring in at 22″ long. It was so very special to get to be there when my younger siblings got to meet him. A baby is a whole new world for them, but they were excited and did so incredibly well going to the hospital. I can’t believe that in 8 short weeks it’ll be my turn.


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,

Warning: Personal Post


One  Month… Since we arrived home to this amazing country,  one month since I have blogged, since I have really shared. I wanted to take some time to share with you all what the first month  of being home has been like. While it seems like a lifetime ago, it also seems like just yesterday.  Like as I type,  we are walking back into the boat terminal. I remember this sense of silence that came over, as I took the first real breath,  tears of joy, disbelief, and overwhelming exhaustion streamed down, realizing in this moment that this was only the beginning of a very, very, long journey.  In that moment, it was like the world stopped, all so I could take a breath.

Anyways, a month as passed. What do you do after a horrible thing happens? It’s something you hear about on the news but it’s never supposed to happen to you… right? Is that what you are thinking? What would you do the first month after?

We have spent two weekends at electric free cabins, and a weekend apple picking. Here is a look:) They aren’t edited, just my life. I don’t know what is right, but I do know that I adore my support system and have been shown peoples true colors through this. I am striving every day to heal and to become a better me. I hope that I can make new friend while learning from everyone around on this crazy journey, and build an amazing marriage, because so far, I have a rock-star of a husband! I am striving to be open and honest with all about this journey, because too often, we are ashamed about how we feel. If we look around, or talk openly, we would realize that most people can find a way to relate. This isn’t something to be silent about, and if you personally cannot relate, then maybe it is something that you will simply listen, and begin to understand.  Emotions are not shameful, and I hope that you all will follow and support me through my journey.




> Cabin Take One

> Nanny Life with my loves, and  lunch dates!

Newborn: The Miller Family


Oh where to begin with the sweet Miller Family… Let me start by telling you all how impressed I was with how beautifully decorated there home is , considering they have only lived there a few short months. Amy is a rockstar mom to take care of not only this little miss, but her adorable little man as well! (& let me tell y’all that he is go, go go; which of course I loved!) I was blessed to get to not only shoot Baby Miller, but her cousin who is only a few months older.  I cannot wait to watch there family grow and to get to see the little lady that Baby Miller becomes! Thank you Miller Family for allowing me into your home to capture this new chapter of your lives. XOXO







Cake Smash: The Mathews Family

Alexa C. Photography
The Mathews Family: First Year Shoot

Happy Birthday Mr. Jonah!!!

 It is so very special to get to watch little ones grow, revisit the images that you took a few short months before and see how much they have changed! The Mathews Family are always so very kind and are very humbling to work with! They rocked as parents, making the funniest animal sounds & laughs to get Mr. Jonah to laugh which of course made me laugh. It’s those moments, where you get to see your mama’s and daddy’s being rock star parents that makes my job so amazing! Thank you Mathews Family for sharing your first year with us, looking forward to the many to come!

But First Coffee

Happy Monday Y’all!

Man has this summer been crazy with my move, getting engaged and selling my childhood home( Keep your eye out for one last post of the place I called home for so long!). Just this past week we got the lovely Kim moved into her very first apartment. What are some of your favorite stories from your first apartment?

Next, we will be finishing up her classroom, and of course I will be sharing my forest of lorax trees with you all!


Alexa C. Photography






Thankful & Grateful.

I just had to take a moment and share just how blessed I am!  After a very long two day journey home, you can only imagine how exhausted both myself and my fiance were when we finally arrived home around 3 am on Monday night. The trip to meet his family was fantastic, and they welcomed me in with open arms. It was a whole new experience being on the bayou. I didn’t think that when they warned me that there would be gators in the back yard, that there would literally be gators swimming directly off of the dock in the back yard! I am so thankful to have had time to spend with all of them, and to be a part of whole new family.

Always, the journey home was definitely.. a journey! We kept having car troubles and to be honest with you all, if you could have been big brothering us, you would have thought you were watching a movie! We made the absolute best of it, but were more than thrilled when we arrived home!

I woke up this morning, after sleeping almost all day yesterday to these beautiful flowers, and thought to myself, man I am a lucky girl! But to know just how lucky to have to hear about last night…

Around 10pm last night he came running into the bedroom, popped champagne (waking me up of course!)  only to tell me that it was time to celebrate the car being fixed! See he had been working on it since he had gotten home from work at 6pm and after all of the hell this car had given us, it just had to be celebrated! He told me then, that he had gotten me flowers just because but for some reason I thought I had dreamed it all up. I just had to share with you all how blessed I really do feel.






Oh Hello Baby Fields.

Y’all, my absolute best friend is going to be a mom in three short weeks. How crazy is that? Words cannot begin to express how important she is to me. Savannah has been there through it all, and our friendship finds ways of amazing me almost every day. See the thing is, she has always lived apart from me. Whether it be a few towns over when we were younger and couldn’t drive, or now states away, we have always been there for each other. No matter the distance, she has always been my person, and very soon she will be peanuts number one person. I am so very excited to watch this next chapter, because let me tell y’all that she has been rocking this pregnancy.

So why her? Why is our friendship so great? Honestly is so very vital, in any healthy relationship. There have been more times than I can count, that she has been the one to say that hard thing that no one else will say. Guess what? That is what makes for such a beautiful relationship. She never lets the little things become big things. As soon as there is a problem, she addresses it and this is a trait that I admire so very much. She is the most loving, nurturing, person I think I may have ever met. I know that she loves me unconditionally, even when she hates me.

She is going to make a rockstar of a mom and I am beyond blessed to get to call her my best fiend. I cannot wait to snuggle Baby Fields, because he may not be here yet, but I already love him! How could I not, with how wonderful his parents are. Oh and Ray? Talk about a good man. He is such a great match for her, and I could never tell him how very thankful I am to know that she is loved and taken care of unconditionally.

Love you all to the moon and back, Can’t wait to meet you Baby Fields!