Oh Hello Baby Fields.

Y’all, my absolute best friend is going to be a mom in three short weeks. How crazy is that? Words cannot begin to express how important she is to me. Savannah has been there through it all, and our friendship finds ways of amazing me almost every day. See the thing is, she has always lived apart from me. Whether it be a few towns over when we were younger and couldn’t drive, or now states away, we have always been there for each other. No matter the distance, she has always been my person, and very soon she will be peanuts number one person. I am so very excited to watch this next chapter, because let me tell y’all that she has been rocking this pregnancy.

So why her? Why is our friendship so great? Honestly is so very vital, in any healthy relationship. There have been more times than I can count, that she has been the one to say that hard thing that no one else will say. Guess what? That is what makes for such a beautiful relationship. She never lets the little things become big things. As soon as there is a problem, she addresses it and this is a trait that I admire so very much. She is the most loving, nurturing, person I think I may have ever met. I know that she loves me unconditionally, even when she hates me.

She is going to make a rockstar of a mom and I am beyond blessed to get to call her my best fiend. I cannot wait to snuggle Baby Fields, because he may not be here yet, but I already love him! How could I not, with how wonderful his parents are. Oh and Ray? Talk about a good man. He is such a great match for her, and I could never tell him how very thankful I am to know that she is loved and taken care of unconditionally.

Love you all to the moon and back, Can’t wait to meet you Baby Fields!



Exploring the Shenandoah,

When life gives you lemons, sometimes you just have to jump into your car and take a road trip! Lucky for us, we can get to both the beach and the mountains in just a few hours.  Mom and I decided to ventured out into the mountains for a nights stay in what ended up being Luray. We tubed in the Shenandoah (which was a total blast!) and eventually found this stunning little inn. We were expecting a normal room, but Hotel Laurence blew our minds when the owner checked us in herself and showed us to our two bedroom suite that had both a living room and a kitchen! We were able to walk to the near by hotel to have dinner on the patio, getting to watch the sunset over the mountains. The next morning, a healthy, well prepared breakfast was brought to our room, which worked double as our wake up call.  I just had to share our experience with you all because it was beyond amazing.


ACP Takes on Turks and Caicos

After months and months of waiting, the time to go on a trip of a lifetime came along. The family ventured off to Turks and Caicos and man was it stunning! The water was the clearest and so beautifully blue, especially when the sun came out ( which was 98% of the time!). The islanders were so very kind, and it was very interesting to get to see the differences between resort life and their lifestyles on the island. We just couldn’t help but shoot while we were there.


Getting to work with fellow #BossLadies to Photography their products while on vacations have added a fun new aspect to our trips. FelixandFrazzled is a one mom show that can be found on etsy. She has been such a doll to work with and I would highly recommend her products to anyone.

6 Months: The Mathews Family


Whenever we get to watch our clients grow, it is a true blessing! We get to see how baby is developing, how mom and dad are loving their new life and most of all we get to build our personal relationship that much more! I am always SO excited to get to see a little one again that I haven’t seen since a newborn session, because now they have developed all of these amazing new skills in such little time.

The Mathews Family decided to do their 6 month shoot at their church and we felt so honored to get to capture those moments in such a special place for them! Thank you for letting us into this part of your lives. It was a very special shoot for us.


All about that #NannyLife

Oh my sweet girls! Finding the perfect family to nanny for or to be a date night sitter for can be a bit of a challenge. Living in the Fredericksburg area, we have a ton of military and retired military families, meaning they are always moving. I have been beyond blessed to find my current family that I nanny for, not to mention all of the other amazing families that I sit for on date nights!  There is something so very special about being able to have a home away from home, to become a part of a family. As a nanny, you are the go to person for the parents, someone that they should always be able to trust their children with. I am now a Certified Dental Assistant after one of the most challenging years of my life, and many ask me why is it that I am so passionate about nannying still? I truly love the children that I watch and I know that they love me just as much right back.  Amelia tells me all the time that we are best friends, and are going to be for infinity. (Yes, she is that little and knows the word infinity!)So a few short potty training stories about my love bugs (not just the ones in the pictures)  just to show you how much I must love children.                                                    ( Sorry if this is TMI in advance!)

I am sure that all of the moms out there have plenty of potty training stories, but as a nanny, it’s not the same thing as trying to teach your own child. The very first time I experienced this outside of my family, a mom calls and says that she just needs a break, that potty training is getting the best of her. When I arrive, everything seems totally normal and she decides to take a quick trip to Target and Wegmans (totally normal mom getaway).  So as the time goes on, we are sitting on the potty every fifteen minutes or so and he is in underwear. We have made it through almost three hours and have been beyond successful and I am thinking that I am just blessed. I walk in the kitchen holding his sister to get a snack, and when I turn around, this little man is writing his name on the bookshelf with his pee…. Oh My Goodness! I was shocked, so needless to say we cleaned up the mess and talked about how we only write our names in the potty, not anywhere else.


Story number two, these girls were definitely not the first that I have worked with when it comes to potty training. Miss pretty much decided one day that she was ready, and it happened to be a day that I was there. We put on panties and went to the potty every fifteen minutes to the minute the entire day I was there. Well, she decided that she was going to climb into a cabinet with all of her stuffed animals, I am talking about probably fifty. Can you guess what happened next? Yes! An accident inside of this with all of her animals. That was one of the moments that I realized just how much I loved the girls, and that they was so much reward in getting to be a part of their growth.


Halloween Girls Weekend 2015

So this past weekend we took a well needed  weekend getaway out to the Blue Ridge Mountains  here in Virginia with myself, mom, my sister, my grandma (GG), and my great grandma(Nana) ! It was Halloween weekend which explains why are dressed up. I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how blessed we really are for the little things in life. Family is such a vital thing, and having the ability to just spend one on one time, and make memories with them is really amazing. I never thought that we would get to be spending the last few years of my great grandmother’s life together, and I say that in the most loving and grateful way possible. (She is in her 90’s! ) She has been diagnosed with Dementia, which has slowly been progressing over the last few years. This past summer, we were thankful enough to have her come for a well needed visit, which has turned into her moving here permanently, leaving her home in Nevada. Like I said before, the time that we do have has become that much more precious.

Anyways, We had such a fantastic weekend, enjoying eachother’s company and exploring quaint mountain towns. We went to a harvest festival, ate in the cutest coffee house in town that reminded me of Luke’s Diner, went on a hike, went trunk-or-treating and played spooky mini golf. I just wanted a few moments from our weekends:)


Our VERY first newborn session.

Hello Everyone,

Chloe here, since I was in high school I have known that I wanted to do something in the art world but always thought “how impractical”.  So in August Mom and I finally took the leap! How lucky am I to be able to go to my mom, who is also one of my absolute best friends and say “Hey I want to start a photography business even though I am in the middle of a medical program, I don’t know how I am going to do it, but I feel like it is what I am supposed to do” to get the responds back ” Okay, I’ll be your partner, We can do it together!” Lisa was kind enough to share not only her newborn, but her first child with us. Going into it, we were excited and nervous but I was so very proud of how well the images came out considering that we had never done this before. So with that in mind, I am happy to share to share Miss Logann Emma with you all!